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Hoodia Diet Studies!

Research on Hoodia Gordonii supplements:

Have the appetite suppressant benefits of Hoodia gordonii been clinically tested?

In 2001 a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study in overweight, but otherwise healthy volunteers using an extract of Hoodia Gordonii was conducted. The large doses of Hoodia Gordonii extract caused a statistically significant reduction in the average daily calorie intake. Moreover, a statistically significant body fat loss was also observed compared to the placebo group only after two weeks.

How much time does it take for Hoodia Gordonii to have an effect?

A clinical trial conducted demonstrated that repeat dose administration of large doses of Hoodia Gordonii extract caused a statistically significant decrease in daily calorie intake.  And by the 15th day the calorie intake of the test subjects had decreased by approximately 1000 kcal per day.

What are Hoodia Gordonii's side effects?

In the clinical study described above the safety data are consistent with a satisfactory overall safety profile.

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