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Beware of Fake Hoodia!

Hoodia Diet Pills Scam: Two-Thirds of Hoodia Gordonii Pills Are Counterfeit

Is Your Hoodia Fake?

The diet pill Hoodia Gordonii has gotten a tremendous amount press.  It has been featured on the news show 60 Minuets, on the Today Show and numerous other news stories throughout the globe.  With all the extraordinary appetite suppressant qualities surrounding Hoodia and the recent media attention it didnít take long for diet pill makers to jump on the Hoodia bandwagon.

Hoodia is in very short supply

The lack of significant amount of real Hoodia hasnít paused some diet pill marketers from making likely false claims about their products containing 100% pure Hoodia. The reality is that these products either contain little Hoodia that will have little to no weight loss effects.

Because the nutritional supplement industry is virtually unregulated, so as long as your product isnít hurting anyone, the FDA and FTC cannot take action against misleading claims due to their limited resources.

Does this mean that all Hoodia products are fake?  No, but due diligence is wise here and may work to uncover the fake hoodia from the real hoodia. There are very few companies able to get real Hoodia in large enough quantities.  There just isnít that much grown Hoodia.


Hoodia under investigation

Some of the Hoodia diet pills that do contain verifiable 100% pure Hoodia are listed in our top 10 Hoodia diet pills reviews.  As part of an ongoing investigation into Hoodia Gordonii diet pills, investigators uncovererd eleven out of seventeen hoodia supplements failed laboratory analysis.  The tests, conducted by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals in Costa Mesa, CA, showed that two-thirds of the tested supplements contained no identifiable hoodia gordonii per two separate authentication tests [High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)].

It is suspected that in some instances hoodia brokers sold bogus Hoodia to U.S. manufacturers.  And that in some instances the Hoodia makers were literally fooled into buying and then using the bogus hoodia.  Seemingly, brokers have been able to elude Hoodia makers with:


  1. Counterfeit Hoodia lab results.
  2. Courterfeit Hoodia plant raw material
  3. Hoodia bait-and-switch wherein brokers would provide a real sample of hoodia gordonii, send that sample for testing, acquire a certificate of authenticity, and then fill their raw Hoodia plant order with a counterfeit Hoodia plant raw material.


Thus Some U.S.A. Hoodia supplement makers may be unknowingly selling counterfeit hoodia gordonii diet pills while under the assumption that they are 100% genuine Hoodia.


What's in the hoodia diet pills if not real hoodia?

Because of the high demand for South African Hoodia Gordonii, the payoff for natives to find more hoodia gordonii results in locals sellings other cactus plants that resemble hoodia in look, feel and texture.  With Hoodia Gordonni selling at $225/Kilo to $300/Kilo the race to meet the high demand with little limited supply has created a vaccum for Hoodia native farmers to find and sell wild cactus that are similar to Hoodia Gordonii but do not have its unique appetite suppressant benefits.

With the massive harvesting of wild hoodia gordonii South Africa has now classified hoodia gordonii as an endangered species requiring permits and authorization from the local government.


Real Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills

Tthere are reputable and known sources for acquiring real Hoodia Gordonii.  And there are Hoodia diet pills available in the USA today that contain 100% genuine hoodia. To learn more, see our home page for our top rated Hoodia Gordonii diet pills.  


Like all weight loss pills, keep in mind that even real Hoodia Gordonii weight loss pills should not result in more than two pounds of body weight loss per week.  Weight loss beyond this can be dangerous to your health.  

Of course, drinking lots of water during your weight loss effort can be a tremendous aid.  Drinking lots of water may make you feel fuller and keeps you hydrated during your diet.


Be sure to consult with your qualified health practitioner before attempting any weight loss program, exercise program, or dietary supplement, including hoodia.

For more articles about Hoodia gordonii, visit our best rated hoodia front page.

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