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  Before you buy find out which Hoodia Gordonii diet products rated best and provided the most potential for effective weight loss.

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Hoodia Diet Reviews - Learn which Hoodia diet pills suppress the appetite best!

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Diet Pills Buyers Guide

Diet Pills Buyers Guide, Diet Pills Scams and Buying Tips Reviewed

Consider these smart shopper due diligence points of success:  The only place place in the world where authentic Hoodia gordonii is harvested for commercial use is Western Cape in Southern Africa. Because Hoodia gordonii has become an endangered it is a protected plant spieces which is controlled under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).  CITES is an international agreement between Governments. Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild plants like Hoodia gordonii does not threaten their survival.   As a protected plant species Hoodia can only be sold and exported with an official  CITES certificate issued by the governements of South Africa.  Without a USDA 'Protected Plant' permit and CITES certificate, Hoodia gordonii imported to the USA will be seized by US Customs as illegal contraband.  

Take caution as some companies are selling common similar Hoodia looking cactus which is not South African Hoodia gordonii and thus not Real Hoodia.  It's even been reported that some products are nothing more but pills made of "unidentifiable plant material" including ingredients such as starch, rice powders, non Hoodia cacti and in some instances sawdust.

Look for a company that displays its Labs report which can real or fake Hoodia.  Look for a proper 'Protected Plant' USDA permit.  When these three Hoodia authenticating documents are in place, you can rest more assured that you are buying authentic South African Hoodia gordonii.  


  1. C.I.T.E.S. Permit  
  2. USDA Import "Protected Plant' Permit          
  3. Lab Results
  4. 800mg per Pill of Hoodia gordonii for a large enough dose
  5. 1600mg+ of Hoodia gordonii daily dose for a large engough effecticous daily dose

Did you know that authentic Hoodia gordonii costs about $310 USD per kilo?   Hoodia gordonii is one of the most expensive herbs on the market.  That's why many products propurtoted to be made with Hoodia blantaly are fakes without CITES, USDA 'Protected Plant' permit and Alkemists Lab report.   Find out which Hoodia diet pills delivered the best results in our easy to use Hoodia diet pills review.

Many over-the-counter diet pills are herbal and are sold in health food stores. The most well known herbal supplements include ephedrine also known as ephedra and Ma Huang. These diet pills act as "fat burners" and boost your metabolism. They may be successful weight loss supplements in the short term.

Con: Over the counter diet pills are generally not supervised by established medical experts or even strict governement oversight.  One real problem with some herbal supplements like ephedrine is their potential for side effects.  These diet pills side effect's often include dramatic increases in blood pressure and potential heart problems.  

Diet Pills Warning:  Shoppers searching for diet pills in health food stores at times may get useless, even deadly advice.  While the industry says it is improving and policing itself, the herb ephedra sold over the counter until banned about a year ago, can cause some serious side effects, from high blood pressure to strokes and seizures. And health food stores had sold millions of bottles of this one diet loss pill.

Of course, there are many options other than ephedra like weight loss meal replacement shakes, pyruvate (a substance said to increase metabolism) and L-carnitine (a reported fat burner).   Other types of "fat burners," chitosan (a fat absorber), ciwuja (a relative of ginseng and a fat burner and metabolism booster) and green tea extract.

In the wake of Congress's deregulation of Dietary Supplements via the Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), the business of promoting and selling sometimes unproven remedies including diet pills has mushroomed to a $15 billion business.  Health professional have become more concerned that consumers are buying diet pills and other supplements that will not help and may even hurt them.

When it comes to getting expert advice at the health food store, the quality of the advice given may be lacking.  So, what can you do to protect yourself while diet pill shopping? How can consumers decide if they are buying a potentially dangerous diet pill supplement?

The line between selling and giving medical is one that should not be broken in that healthfood store clecks should not dispense any weight loss medical advice. This weight loss information you receive for a diet pill in a health store setting, should not replace the information provided by a trained health care professional.'"

Under DSHEA, claims on how a diet pills may prevent or treat obesity and weight loss as a disease and a medical condition are not permitted.  A consumer interested in weight loss diet pills should also learn about the importance of a good diet and exercise program when reviewing a diet pill for purchase.  Because there's isn't standard training for health food store employees when it comes to diet pills and supplements the information provided to consumers may times is incomplete or inaccurate.

When considering a diet pills for weight loss consumers should recognize that high blood pressure or heart disease, whether you exercise,  your nutrition intake, must be weighted into the diet pill product selected.   Consumer should work to educate themselves in today;s deregulated climate.  You can read up on the diet pills and supplements you are considering before going to the store.  Clearly, it's best to get unbiased information from someone who is not selling the product.  Trust authors who do not have a diet pills that they are selling.

Of course, you should always consult your doctor or physician before taking herbal supplements.   And finally, after conducting your research to insure your diet pill is safe, trying the diet pill for yourself is the best way to evaluate whether it’s right for you.  

Lastly, review our Hoodia diet pills chart and find out which Hoodia diet pills really work while safe to consume!

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