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Hoodia Diet Reviews - Learn which Hoodia diet pills suppress the appetite best!

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The Best Diet Pills

What are the best diet pills?

Before buying your next diet pill, consumers should be aware of the following problems that are common to many of OTC diet pills sold in the United States.

1.  Because these diet pills are "supplements" rather than regulated drugs, they do not undergo rigorous FDA testing to ensure they are safe.  Nor does the FDA work to insure that these diet pills deliver the effectiveness or weight loss results their marketers can claim they do. Thus, when buying these diet pills a consumer clearly will not be armed with the same FDA drug regulated information regarding the diet pill's safety and effectiveness.

2.  In some instance, diet pills ingredients may be dangerous and cause severe side effects (such as Ephedra when it was combined with other drugs).  Because these diet pills are not required by law to undergo rigorous testing and studies as required with prescription diet drugs like Meridia, Xenical and Phentermine, our knowledge these diet pills' effects is limited.

3.  Some marketers in the diet pill market make outrageous fast weight loss claims that can not be substantiated by science or clinical trials.  Their diet pills packaging may even have inadequate ingredient labeling, and these companies may have poor manufacturing and quality control procedures.

3.  Generally for OTC diet pills, there is no medical or other clinical health professional supervision of any kind.  Thus, these diet pills products have the potential to be easily abused.  For example, did you know that teenage girls are among the largest users of retail diet pills, because they are so easily accessible?

4.  At best, most of the OTC diet pills will produce short-term weight loss.  In many instances where there is some weight loss success, that can be attributed to diet pills that work by speeding up your metabolism and acting as diuretics. The popularity of OTC diet pills stems from the fact that are inexpensive weight loss aids. For example, a package of 24 diuretic capsules usually retails for less than $10, and many weight loss diet pills cost about $40-60 per package, depending on the number of capsules (60, 90, 180). However, some OTC diet pills can cost up to $70 for a single bottle. Hydroxycut costs about $39.99, as does Ephedra-free Metabolife®, while Stacker 2 costs $41.99 per bottle. Discounts can be had by searching for less expensive alternatives over the Web or via independent distributors.

The Diet Pills Market

Iin 1994, the FDA’s authority was in regulating OTC diet pills was effectively revoked with the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.  The new law stipulated that makers of OTC diet pills and supplements do not need FDA approval. Moreover, OTC diet pill makers now did not have to prove their diet pills were safe and effective.

The OTC diet pill market has grown significatnly.  Since the 1980's, there have been more than 50 different brands of appetite suppressants on the market. And like the diet drugs market, OTC diet pills have experienced much controversy over the safety of popular OTC diet pills like ephedra (also called Ma Huang).

Please take your time and review available Hoodia diet products and their options so that you can best manage your weight loss safely. Hoodia has been used for thousadns of years by the San Bushmen and have no known side effects.

Today, there are powerful diet pills, like Hoodia, with appetite suppressants that offer similar benefits, to popular diet drugs like Phentermine and Ephedrine, but without the potential dangerous side effects.   To learn more visit our Hoodia diet pills reviews.

To your best of health!

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